Welcome to Date My Feminist, a blog that highlights some of the crappiest men that I’ve met on dating websites and how I’ve dealt with them. If you’re also a feminist who is trying to find a decent man on a dating website, first of all, I’m sorry. Second of all, I’m glad you’re here. Maybe you’ll find something that will help you have a laugh at their expense, if nothing else.

What’s the point of this site?

The best way to understand this site is to check out the “About” page and the blog. But basically, I’m here to try to give you the tools to 1) recognize that you’re talking to an awful man,  and 2) hand his ass to him. I’m not a professional or anything, just a person who’s dealt with their share of crappy men and wishes to help the masses navigate those crappy men and hopefully reduce the harm those crappy men do in the process.


Pleased to meet you! My friends call me Stitch. I’m an intersectional, polyamorous, non-binary, pansexual feminist who lives in Canada and spends most of their free time being an ethical slut. In the pursuit of relationships or hookups (depending on my mood), I use a number of different dating platforms such as Tinder, OKCupid and Plenty of Fish, and believe it or not, I’m sometimes successful at finding what I’m looking for. The rest is basically the collection of dumpster fires that makes up this blog. Continue reading “About”


One guy’s epic knee-jerk

The quick and dirty Content warnings: body-shaming (specifically suggesting someone’s face is unattractive), implied slut-shaming due to polyamory. Archetype: Knee-jerk asshole General feel: This exchange is short and not at all sweet. He’s clingy and then even when he calms down, his knee-jerk response is so sudden that it might give you whiplash, which makes it pretty …

If Tinder doesn’t work, try Facebook!

The quick and dirty Content warnings: boundary violation and lying/manipulation. Archetype: The Boundary pusher General feel: This guy has a complete lack of regard for interpersonal boundaries. Basically, he doesn’t get matched with you on Tinder so he Facebook stalks you until he can message there. Standard creepy dude behaviour.

He has no idea what he’s Superliking

The quick and dirty Content warnings:  Body-shaming, possibly implied slut-shaming, impatience/entitlement to people’s time. Archetype: Knee-jerk asshole General feel: The general consensus was that this guy is annoying as hell and hilariously bad at comebacks, but he seems pretty harmless overall.


If you need to get in touch with me, just send an email to date@bodyimagepositive.com. Some good reasons to get in touch with me are:

  • You want to tell me about an awful man you met
  • You have a question about the blog
  • You need to compliment my new haircut

Other reasons for getting in touch are also acceptable, unless you’re being a troll. Don’t be a troll.