Pleased to meet you! My friends call me Stitch. I’m an intersectional, polyamorous, non-binary, pansexual feminist who lives in Canada and spends most of their free time being an ethical slut. In the pursuit of relationships or hookups (depending on my mood), I use a number of different dating platforms such as Tinder, OKCupid and Plenty of Fish, and believe it or not, I’m sometimes successful at finding what I’m looking for. The rest is basically the collection of dumpster fires that makes up this blog.

I live with my beloved partner and my cat, and I lead a relatively uneventful life otherwise. I like tending to my house plants, knitting, playing board games and binge-watching Netflix, just like most people my age (I’m in my mid-thirties, if you must know). And like any good millennial, I am disenfranchised by the lot that our parents’ generation has foisted upon us. But that’s another story altogether.

This blog is meant to help people out, and since you’re people, don’t be shy to get in touch if you’ve dealt with awful men that this blog doesn’t help you with. I’ll do my best to do a blog post on it, or I can at least commiserate a bit with you.

Stitch xo