Making sense of Awful Man™ posts

The Awful Man™ posts on this site are done in a fairly specific way, so that I can get a lot of information in a small amount of space. Basically, it helps me edit these exchanges so that it doesn’t take you an hour to read about how terrible Shawn was to me, and another hour to understand how pushy Leon is.

So here’s a brief rundown of what the various parts of a post are and why they’re there. Continue reading “Making sense of Awful Man™ posts”

One guy’s epic knee-jerk

The quick and dirty

Content warnings: body-shaming (specifically suggesting someone’s face is unattractive), implied slut-shaming due to polyamory.

Archetype: Knee-jerk asshole

General feel: This exchange is short and not at all sweet. He’s clingy and then even when he calms down, his knee-jerk response is so sudden that it might give you whiplash, which makes it pretty hilarious. Continue reading “One guy’s epic knee-jerk”