This firefighter can’t put out his own fire

The quick and dirty

Content warnings: Sexual assault and boundary violation, detailed descriptions of consensual sex acts, mention of genitals, talking about bodily fluids (sexual and otherwise), bad BDSM/kink, menstruation.

Archetype: The Boundary pusher

General feel:¬†Folks who heard about this exchange were floored at how unapologetically rapey he was being near the end. The consensus was that I dodged a major bullet with this one. It’s worth noting that this is the first time I’ve released the whole conversation, so there is a lot of graphic sexting that happened that nobody has read (ie. you’ll maybe learn more about me than you ever wanted to know), so if that makes you uncomfortable, please proceed with caution. The really troubling/creepy part starts on the 21st screenshot (the second set starts there), where I tell him I just got my period. This is also the part I’ve released before and gave people the heebie jeebies. Continue reading “This firefighter can’t put out his own fire”

The I Am Legend douche

The quick and dirty

Content warnings:¬†Fat-shaming (especially related to food and health), slut-shaming, mentions of sex acts and genitals, misgendering and self-misgendering (sometimes I can’t be bothered explaining gender 101 to awful men).

Archetype: Knee-jerk asshole

General feel: Folks who read this exchange were mostly horrified by what he wrote to me, and really amused by my comebacks. Apparently I handed his ass to him. There’s also hilarious follow-up in the sign-off section. Continue reading “The I Am Legend douche”

He knows what he wants, and it’s nacked

The quick and dirty

Content warnings: Verbally aggressive/pushy requests for nudes, mention of body parts and sexual activity, some coarse language

Archetype: This guy doesn’t exactly fit into an archetype that I’ve come across, except he’s just really aggressive and disrespectful and pushy.

General feel: Most people I showed this exchange to thought it was laugh-out-loud funny because of how tactless he was, or thought that his spelling errors were amusing.

Other: I don’t like poking fun at spelling errors (especially since this guy’s first language isn’t English), but this guy really did end up being known as the “nacked” man because he so persistently said it, so I named the blog post after it so people could find this guy if they wanted to. Continue reading “He knows what he wants, and it’s nacked”