Making sense of Awful Man™ posts

The Awful Man™ posts on this site are done in a fairly specific way, so that I can get a lot of information in a small amount of space. Basically, it helps me edit these exchanges so that it doesn’t take you an hour to read about how terrible Shawn was to me, and another hour to understand how pushy Leon is.

So here’s a brief rundown of what the various parts of a post are and why they’re there.

The quick and dirty

In this section, I’ll put key points like any trigger warnings that might be necessary, as well as which archetype the Awful Man™ falls under, if applicable. I’ll also include an indicator of what kind of mood the conversation has: for example, did I own this guy and it’s hilarious, or did it take a really dark turn and you should only read it if you’re able to deal with that right now? The idea is to give people the information they need to understand whether they even want to read the blog post or not.

The context

In the context section, I’ll give a brief synopsis of my exchange with the man in question. If, for example, you won’t understand the exchange where it begins, I’ll include a little background so that it makes a bit more sense.

The exchange

This is where the actual exchange will be posted. Usually this will consist of screenshots of a conversation between me and the Awful Man™, but in cases where it’s possible, I’ll also have a text version of the exchange. I’m especially working on this for the sake of accessibility, as I know that text images pose a significant barrier to quite a few users. I will do the best at this that I can.

The bullshit detector

This is where I’ll highlight portions of the exchange that set off red flags or just generally made it obvious that I was dealing with an Awful Man™. These indicators are usually where I’m able to figure out which archetype he falls into.

The sign-off

This section just summarizes any last thoughts or information, sometimes including follow-up that happened after the actual exchange that was blogged about. (For example, if he ended up writing to me again, I may mention that here.) It may also include serious content such as support links for people who deal with related trauma and so on, depending how the exchange actually went.

If you have further questions about the way that things are done around here, please don’t be shy to send an email to!

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